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Partners: Partner in Service Program


A Rotaplast Volunteer with two PatientsNext year, Rotaplast will send approximately 500 medical and non-medical volunteers from the United States, Canada and other countries to 15 sites to cure 1,000 children of their debilitating cleft anomalies. Hundreds of families will be counseled on ways to reduce the incidence of cleft lips and palates, and scores of host country medical professionals will be exposed to volunteerism and have the opportunity to share their expertise with Rotaplast’s visiting surgeons. Without the support of Rotary Clubs, Rotaplast would not be able to give children in need a new chance in life.

In appreciation of the enormous contribution that our Rotary partners make to Rotaplast projects, we would like to visually recognize their dedication. When a Rotary Club donates $500 or more to Rotaplast, it automatically becomes a Partner in Service. The Club will receive a patch to mark each year that it contributes at or above the qualifying amount. Any Club that receives one or more patches is eligible to purchase a banner directly from Russell-Hampton on which they may display their patches. Partner in Service Clubs may also choose to have their Club listed and linked on Rotaplast’s website.

To download the form that should accompany your qualifying donation, follow this link: How should we treat your donation?

For more information about ordering a Partners in Service Banner or becoming a Partner in Service, contact Donna-Lee Young Rubin, our Executive Director.

Please check back to see a list of Partner Clubs.