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Missions : What is a Rotaplast Mission?


Needed services, education and care
Clefts of the lip and palate are among the most common of all birth defects. However in some areas of the world treatment is not common. Untreated, these children are ridiculed, rejected from society, and often deprived of an education. They are prone to serious upper respiratory problems, hearing loss, speech and dental problems. Rotaplast works locally to educate families and communities and to provide free operations and therapeutic follow-up care for patients.

Multi-disciplinary surgical teams
Medical teams include reconstructive surgeons with special training in cleft care, pediatricians, nurses, pediatric anesthesiologists, dentists, orthodontists, and speech pathologists. Many teams also include geneticists focusing on researching causes of clefts. These highly skilled professionals work closely with local hospital staff and doctors sharing techniques and working side-by-side to augment and increase care and capacity for treatment. Non-medical volunteers, who pay for their own transportation, perform needed tasks such as instrument sterilization, translation, recovery room monitoring, and comforting families. Rotaplast Missions vary in size with teams ranging from 15 to 35 members. A typical mission lasts two weeks.

International partnerships
Rotaplast is an active partner wherever we go. We travel by invitation to each site. Working with hospitals, surgeons, local governments, NGO's and other groups to bring needed care, medical equipment and supplies. Rotaplast also has a longstanding partnership with Rotary Clubs around the world. Working with these service clubs at mission sites, Rotaplast builds logistical capability to consistently support medical teams annually and to establish self-sufficiency in country.

Rotaplast is an organization built on volunteer spirit. Each year, hundreds of volunteers donated their valuable time and talent to treat over 1,000 children. Opportunities range from joining a Mission Team to serving as an Ambassador. Applications are available online for medical and non-medical volunteers.