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FAQ - For Current Volunteers


Q: Does Rotaplast provide travel insurance for the volunteers?
A: We do not provide travel insurance for volunteers. We do, however, recommend coverage. We do not recommend specific coverage or carriers for travel insurance or additional medical coverage.

Q: May I have a single room while I am on the mission?
A: Rotaplast teams share double or triple rooms. Hotel facilities are always adequate, and rarely luxurious. To encourage team spirit, team members are urged to stay in the shared rooms. Team members who request a single room will be accommodated if possible, provided that they agree to pay for the full price of the room, for the duration of the mission.

A Rotaplast patient recovering from surgeryQ: Is Medical Volunteer airfare paid for by Rotaplast?
A: Rotaplast covers Medical Volunteer airfare from major cities in the US or Canada to the mission site. Major cities are defined by the Rotaplast designated travel company and are large cities with major airports that are serviced by multiple airlines and have multiple flights each day. The Rotaplast travel company works with each volunteer to arrange their travel. The volunteer is responsible for the expense of getting to the major city, but must arrange this in coordination with Rotaplast and the Rotaplast travel company. All volunteers (medical and non-medical) must travel to the mission site with the team, and are subject to paying a fee if they choose to travel home separately from the team.

Q: What gifts would be appropriate for the children on site?
A: Good gifts for the children are coloring books with crayons/markers and small soft toys. Remember, that they may/may not know how to read, and most likely do not speak English. Please do not bring bubbles or play-doh. The children eat these items, or they get on the floor and can cause them to slip.

Q: What gifts would be appropriate for the local hosts?
A: Good gifts for local hosts are items that represent your home town, state or country such as picture/coffee table books, T-shirts, or locally made products (wine from Napa, maple sugar from the Midwest, etc). If you have the ability to print digital photos on site, you can bring a picture frame and then take a photo of your host and you during the mission, and present it to them in the frame. Local Rotarians always appreciate Rotary banners from other clubs. Remember, our hosts may not speak or read/write in English.


More questions? Contact Donna-Lee Young Rubin, Executive Director.